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NEW **Our sectional homes are available as NY or PA state code modulars**
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2016 Eagle River 28x58 (3 bedroom, Glamour bath, large bedrooms) $65,900 


2014 Redman 28x48 1173sq. ft. (3 bedroom, Island kitchen, 2 bath) Raised panel hardwood cabinets are standard-choose: cherry, maple or hickory Banner Price $54,900
Banner Program qualified home with 21st Mortgage for financing of lower credit scores!
2016 Clayton Noble 28x52 1387 sq.ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath family room $59,900  Lot model pending can order


Eagle River 28x44 Hardwood Kitchen, Finished Drywall, Arches $59,900 (Lot model ready now $56,900)

COMING SOON! The Patriot 28x56 3 bed, 2 bath Granite island top, Tile shower, Free standing Oval Tub, Beautiful exterior package, Total Drywall Palmer's Sale Price $69,900 WOW

9 2015 Redman 24x42.8   2 bed, 1 bath  with Knotty Pine, End Porch and storage room $50,900 SALE PENDING can order


2015 Redwood 28x38 floor 3 bed, 1 bath (avail w/2nd bath, can option to be 2 bedroom)  Sale Price$48,900 

11 2016 Commodore Richland Elite 28x56 Total Drywall  Click for video of similar Elite  SALE PRICE $83,900

12 2016 Redman 28x60 4 Bed, 2 bath, Office, Island Kitchen, Double refrigerator and Amazon Bathroom!! $79,900
13 28x80 Eagle River 4 bedroom, 2 bath, Family Room, Fireplace, Glamour Bath $84,900
Special Factory
14 2016 Redman 28x52 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Sweet heart bath, family room and living room $62,900




2016 Atlantic (Champion) 28X60 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Living room and Family room with Knotty Pine! Palmers Sale Price $67,900
2015 Redman 28x48 3 bedroom 2 bath Palmers sale Price $59,900
18 Marlette Homestead 28x52 with Augusta Coastal Creme Cabinets $73,900
19 Commodore 28x52 Front Living room & Dining room- 3 bed, 2 bath Raised Oak Cabinets, 2 patio doors! Palmers Sale Price $69,900
LOT MODEL SALE $65,900 COMING SOON 2016 Clayton Ponderosa Pine 28x80

gle Wides
23 2016 Porch Model 16x60 Horseshoe Hickory Kitchen, Front living room, 2 bed, 1 bath $45,900
24 Clayton inspiration Sugar Maple 14x74 open floorplan $39,900 new model has Coastal Creme Cabinets
26 The Rustic Designer Series by Marlette 16X80 3 bedroom, 2 bath,  $44,900
 28 2014 Eagle River 16x80 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Horseshoe Kitchen, Huge master closet $55,900 lot model sold can order
29 2016 Redman 14x52 2 bedroom, 1 bath White kitchen, Americana decor, very cute and cozy home $33,900
30 NEW 2016 Clayton Sweet Gum 16x80 3bed, 2bath, Tile shower


TurnKey Modular Homes
New Pennwest Modular Built at Wilcox Estates off Circle Drive Waverly, NY
 House Only delivered & set on your site & your basement $115,900



Below are homes we have
and are available to order-pricing may not be current on below homes:


2015 28x68(64) Commodore Richland GF750 (Sunken Great Room, 3 bedrooms, Formal Dining Room, Fireplace, Utility Sink, Eat in Kitchen) $81,150 as displayed Lot model SOLD


 Atlantic Stepdown 28X60 Family room with knotty pine and panoramic fireplace $75,900 Click Here to view countertop colors
 Eagle River 2015 28x60 3 bed, 2 bath, large Utility room, Glamour master bath $72900
15 New 2015 Friendship is here 5/12 roof pitch, great room, desk, utility sink -32x60  $98,900
or order in as State Code Mod for $127,900
  2015 Redman Cozy Cottage New look, displaying the porch and storage room, 2 bedroom, Knotty pine dining room walls Palmers sale Price $50,900 with porch or $46,900 without porch (Lot model sale pending)
11 2015 Marlette Winter Winner Special (Very similar to the Noble) $54,900 Lot model Sold

2014 28x80 Commodore 4 bedroom, 3 bath, fireplace, family room  $87,900  Sale price $84,900 CAN ORDER! Click for youtube video

The new Si Pad! 16x48 2bedroom, 1bath  $32,900 Lot model $29,900
 27 2015 Eagle River Step up Kitchen 2Bed, 1bath $42,900 Lot model sale $38,900
29  2014 Eagle River 16x80 3 bedroom, 2 bath
HUGE TILE SHOWER! GORGEOUS!Spring Promo Price $52,900 Lot model is available! LOT MODEL SOLD
11 2014 Clayton Noble 28x52 1387 sq.ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath family room $59,900  Lot model Sold-NEW ONE arriving mid August 2015
MODULAR! Eagle River 28x44 3 bed, 2bath $82,900 complete with heating system, drapes and appliances
Must be placed on a basement or crawl space


Marlette "Horizon" 3bed, 2bath  With drywall as shown $56,900

1 Wilcox Drive
Waverly, NY
 New Ranch Modular Home


Marlette "The Lincoln" (click on Marlette and then on Open content in window for youtube video)  
13  Can Order!
2014 28x80 Commodore 4 bedroom, 3 bath, fireplace, family room  $87,900 
26 You've got to see this one! The SI PAD 16X80 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Design approved by Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty    


 Redman New Moon 350 4 bedroom, Amazing "Amazon Bath"-must see, Office space built This one is sold -New one arriving soon with more upgrades!

2013 14x56 Redman New Dawn (2 bedroom, 1 bath)

25 Redman 2013 New Dawn 14x80 3bed, 2bath


2014 Champion Cabin 28x40 2 bedroom, 1 bath, Island Kitchen, Knotty Pine Living Room wall


2014 Redman 28x48 1173sq. ft. (3 bedroom, Island kitchen, 2 bath)


Redman New dawn 28x52   1280 sq ft.   3bedroom 2bath,with mini Amazon bath and Hickory Hardwood cabinets   


2014 Commodore Astro 28x52 3bedroom, 2 and 1/2 bath, U kitchen


EZ Living Eagle River 28x60
2013 Eagle River 16x76


Eagle River EZ Living Package Home Beautiful Country Kitchen, Arches & More  Click to view "Easy Living Home Booklet"  Lot model SOLD


2013 28x64 Friendship 5 STAR Lakeview Ranch Home
4 2014 Redman New Moon 3 bedroom, 2 bath Tudor Style painted drywall
16 2014 Marlette "The Truman" 3 bed, 2 Bath Double living rooms, Dining room


2014 28x68(64) Commodore Richland GF750 (Sunken Great Room, 3 bedrooms, Formal Dining Room, Fireplace, Utility Sink, Eat in Kitchen)
2013 28x52 New Moon by Redman (3 bed, 2 bath (avail 4 bed))
25 2013 14x70 Redman **Front Kitchen** (3 bedroom, 1 bath-available with 2nd bath)  
27 2014 Redman Northwood 14x70 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Hardwood Hickory Cabinets
2012 28x60 Redman New Moon 
Pleasant Valley Modular Super Island Kitchen  8/12 roof, Attic, Top of the Line Home (Many other plans to choose from including Cape and 2 story)
  2012 Redman 522  28x64 Family Room, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Amazing Wrapped Angled Island, 5/12 roof , Finished Drywall, 8' sidewalls with Flat Ceilings
  2012 Redman New Moon Singles14x70 (3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath or 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath)  
  2012 Eagle River 16x80 (3 bedroom, Glamour Bath, Computer Nook, Foyer Entry, Lots of Cabinets, Unique layout, Whirlpool tub)
28x56(52 floor) (3 bedroom, 2 bath) 2012 Marlette Hearthside Best Value Loaded with standard features, Total Finished Drywall, Fireplace, Upgrade appliances, Energy Star 
  2012 16x70 Eagle River (2 bedroom (avail 3 bed for same price), 2 bath)
  2011 Eagle River Unique Home
  14x44 Eagle River (1 bedroom with front covered porch or 2nd bedroom replaces porch)
  2011 Astro Flex plan(3 bedroom, 2 bath, Island bar, Computer desk, Whirlpool Tub)
  2010 28x60 Eagle River With "Wow" Factor!
   2010 Eagle River Potomac River series 24x48 (3 bedroom, 2 bath with glamour master bath, Snack bar in kitchen)
  2010 28x80 Family Style Redman (4 bedroom, 2 bath, Master Suite, Island Kitchen, Family room)
  2010 28x44 Redman Super Value Home 28x44 Regular price 
  28x56 Redman Elite (3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Hardwood Cherry Stained cabinets, Drywall, Lots of ceramic)   was #17
  2010 16x70 Eagle River (2 bedroom (avail 3 for same price), 2 bath)
  28x60(56) Eagle River Hudson (3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Stone Fireplace)
  Was #15-28x64(60) Eagle River Hudson 64J520 (3 bedroom, Family Room, Fireplace)
  Was #11 -28x64(60) Commodore Richland GF552(Great Room, Foyer with Archway, Computer nook, 3 bedrooms, Fireplace, Utility sink and bench, Finished Drywall, Residential Frame with Stairwell)
  Was #5-28x72(68) Friendship Celebrity Savannah Park
  Was #13-28x68 Astro (4 bedroom, Family room , Fireplace, Patio Door)
  Was #9 28x72(68) Commodore Richland GF515 (Family Room with Fireplace, Island Kitchen, Large Bedrooms, Glamour Bath) 
  Was #2 28x52(48' floor) Astro Ranch (3 bedroom, 2 bath)     View Specification
  was #3 28x56 Pine Grove Anniversary Home(3 bedroom, Hearth Kitchen with Deluxe Appliances, Entertainment Center, Bay Window)
  was #4 28x52(48'floor)Astro Ranch (3bedroom, 2 bath)  
  Not on Display 28x46 Eagle River (3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Patio Door, Lots of cabinets)
  NOT ON DISPLAY16x80 Eagle River (3 bedroom, Island Kitchen, Super Dining Area, Private Master Suite, Entertainment center)
  NOT OF DISPLAY14x72 Commodore Astro (3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Vinyl Siding, Shingled roof, Fireplace)
  was #9 Marlette Horizons 28x54 (3Bed 2Bath) Awesome island kitchen with mission oak 
  Not on Display 28x76 ASTRO 3A131A (4 bedroom, 2 bath, Family room, fireplace, Glamour Bath, huge pantry) 
  Not on Display 28x64(60) Redman RDA531 (3 bedroom, Sunken Kitchen & LVR, Panoramic Fireplace, Stainless Appliances, Island Soaker Tub, Mega island)
  Not on Display 14x80 Commodore Astro (3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Vinyl siding, Shingled Roof, Vinyl Windows) 
14x76 Commodore Astro (3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Vinyl Siding, Shingled roof, Fireplace)
  2010 Marlette Hearthside 28x56 (3 bedroom, Glamour master bath, Island kitchen, Fireplace with Flat screen TV, Finished Drywall) 
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